Fun Printables for Home Decor

Decorating your home should be fun and reflect your personality. What better way to do this than with fun printables that you can use for projects at home? Not only are most of the projects fun and easy, but printables can be found to fit any theme, any room, and just about any type of use. The best part is, many of the printables are free. With a color printer, a computer, the correct ink technologies, and your imagination, you can create the look in your home that you have always dreamed of.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to add to your home decor with printables is to create art for the walls. Thrifty Decor Chick has an easy tutorial on how to print out decorative text with a colored background to frame and hang. Whether you want to print out your favorite lyrics, poems, or sayings, the limit is your imagination to make your own printable art. As quick and easy as making printables are, you can also change them out quickly also. In her blog Gluesticks, Brandy collected a printable for each month and changed them.

Taking your text to the next level is also easy to do with sites such as Wordle. Using your words to create art is free and easy using the site. Twist it, turn it, and make it into art with multiple layouts, color schemes and fonts. You are able to save, print and share your creations both online and in your home. A simple frame can show off your creations. Looking for alphabet art? There are many sites, such as Karen’s Whimsy that can give your text the style you are looking for, from animals to the dark ages. Be creative and color it in, or let the beauty of the letters stand alone. Either way, you will have a one of a kind work of art in words.

Water resistant
Wall art created from printables isn’t limited to any one room either. While some may think that printed paper isn’t sturdy enough to use in high moisture areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, blogger Kristi shows us on her blog Addicted 2 Decorating how to create a printable that is water resistant for those rooms.

But printable wall art is not limited to text alone. There are many wall hangings that can be printed that reflect your personality. The website Sunset shares several decorating ideas that can be printed out to decorate your home. One interesting idea is Map Art where you print out a map of an area you have visited and circle sites you visited or places of importance. Turning CD cases into frames is quick and easy when printing your photos off at home. Looking for pictures, but don’t want to use your own? You can find free printable art at many sites such as Vintage Printable , The Graphics Fairy, Feed Your Soul, and Vecteezy . That is just to name a few. Just be certain before copying and printing that the artist allows it.

Kids rooms
When looking for ideas for kid’s rooms, printables can easily fit the bill. Spoonful is one site that offers up a large variety of Disney printables that can be cut out to use in unlimited ways to decorate a child’s room from Mickey to Monsters, Inc. and more. Choose a theme and start printing your way to your child’s dream room.

When you run out of wall space, don’t think that your printable fun is over though. Why not try printing out patterns to turn a plain table into a Hawaiian tropical tabletop? With heavy card stock, the simple step by step instructions, and a little paint, you can have a taste of the tropics anywhere in your home. Looking to light up your rooms? Try this simple lampshade project from Sunset to turn a plain lampshade into an interesting work of art with a printable on paper. If flooring is looking bare in your home, get creative and make your own patterned floor canvas. Durable and creative, you can print the pattern of your choice to create a canvas throw rug that fits your style.

3D creations
For the truly crafty at heart, creating 3D creations are just a few sheets of printer paper away. With printable animal boxes, a Papercraft alphabet, or even your favorite sports team helmets you can make your decor stand out with these 3D paper creations. Monica’s 3d Sheets offers a huge selection of printable 3d sheets to fit any home decor or theme from flora, to holidays, birds, angels, and fairies. What about creating colorful mobile art? Geo Gems by Lorna can be created and turned into a number of decorations to hang around your house.

With the vast collection of printables available online, decorating your home can be a breeze. A printer, paper, and a few other supplies are all you need to change your decor to match your style, your mood, or you home. No matter what holiday you want to decorate for, or style you want to reflect, there is a printable that will fit the needs for every room in your home. From floor to ceiling, the only limits are your imagination.  

Equipment Used to Create 360 Degree Virtual Tours

Panoramic photography is a technique that has grown significantly in popularity over the years. This type of photography allows websites to create virtual tours that can show customers great detail when it comes to products, properties or other items of interest. There are a number of equipment needs for those wanting to attempt 360 degree photography and understanding this equipment is essential in creating clear and quality panoramas.

First and foremost, a high quality camera is needed in order to produce high quality images. A DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex camera is needed. This is simply a camera that uses mirrors to reflect the light from the lens to the viewfinder and stores those images digitally. Changeable lenses are also typically needed because certain lenses are essential in creating a panorama without the need of taking many different individual shots. Wide angle lenses are typically used for panoramic views. Most photographers prefer a camera that has exposure bracketing because it allows for HDR or High Dynamic Range pictures to be taken. HDR offers a much better effect when taking images for virtual tours.

A pano head is equipment that allows you to easily find the nodal point. This is essential when taking images for panoramic tours because all of the images can be taken from the same perspective. If and when perspective changes, it can cause problems when it comes to stitching the images together which is what creates the panoramic view. Pano heads are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and which one is best normally depends on the photographer and what he or she prefers.

The camera’s lens is very important in creating quality images that can be used for a virtual tour. Some photographers prefer using a wide angle lens while others prefer fisheye lenses. Wide angle lenses tend to offer less pixel distortion which is essential in protecting the quality of the images. These lenses however, also require more images in order to create the panorama. Fisheye lenses require only a small handful of images in order to create the panorama but they offer lower quality of images because they use the same amount of pixels as a wide angle lens but create larger photos.

Finally, a tripod is often needed to create panoramic views that are used for virtual tours. A key factor in creating a good panoramic scene is to center the scene on a nodal point. A tripod is often used in order to help make that center focus without moving the camera during the shots. Some photographers use all of this equipment in order to create 360 degree images while others have different preferences or prefer to use their own equipment style. Those who want to create panoramic images should begin by investing in a good DSLR camera, lenses and a strong tripod as well as a pano head in order to create professional looking images that can be properly stitched together and blended into a virtual tour.

Segway – 10 Years On

The Segway was invented in 2001 and originally unveiled in the United States on Good Morning America. The vehicle is simply an upright, two wheeled, battery powered vehicle that relies on balance in large part to operate properly. The user stands on the bases that are located just beside each wheel. A long handlebar is attached which the user uses to steer and drive. The controls for braking and acceleration are located on the steering feature.

Over the past 10 years or so, the Segway has become very popular. Not only is it used by mall cops for navigating large shopping malls, many are now using it for touring. There are a number of Segway driving experience experience gifts that you can purchase for others that will allow them to tour specific areas while riding a Segway. If you know someone who has always wanted to be on a Segway and who wants to tour an area that is typically toured on foot, a Segway tour may be a great gift choice.

While the Segway got a relatively slow start with regards to sales, today it is a highly popular choice for many tour companies. Many consumers find that the cost is a bit overwhelming with regards to purchasing which is likely why it remains more of a commercial machine. There are many malls, hospitals and other facilities that allow security and other staff to ride a Segway so that they can get around a bit more quickly than with walking. Of course, riding any other vehicle or driving would be impossible inside buildings and so the Segway began to grow a bit in popularity where certain facilities are concerned.

Segway tours are very popular among those who strive for more environmentally friendly approaches to tourism. Because it uses a battery powered motor, the Segway does not burn fuel. There is no pollution from it like there is from other vehicles. It is relatively small and easy to navigate so it can be taken places that traditional vehicles cannot go. Many actually prefer the Segway to other forms of transportation simply because of the thrill of riding it.

You do have to maintain your balance when riding but once you have learned to control balance, riding a Segway is not difficult. If you have doubts, you can simply look at the numbers of touring companies that offer Segway tours and see the numbers of consumers who book these tours each year. Over the past 10 years, the Segway has become one of the most popular forms of sightseeing transportation. If you are looking to book a Segway gift experience, there are many companies that offer them. Simply take some time to research your options in the area that you plan to visit and compare companies to see which one may offer the best tour package at the price that you want. For a product whose sales were low in the first few years, the Segway has certainly gained in popularity.

Which Comes First – iPad 5 or iPad Mini 2?

As predicted, Apple has begun releasing bits of information about their newest edition in the iPad lineup. The iPad 5 is rumored to be released sometime late in 2013 although many thought that the iPad Mini 2 would hit shelves before the iPad 5. It looked like it would be a race to the finish line but speculation shows that the iPad 5 may just edge out the iPad Mini 2 by a closer release date.

Apple speculators have rumored that Q3 will be the time period for the release of the iPad 5, the 5th in the iPad generation. The iPad Mini 2 however, could be several months behind. Last year, the mini made its debut a bit sooner but industry rumors show that it could be late in November, 2013 before the newest mini will make it to the market.

Industry insiders also speculate that the iPad 5 will have a mini appearance with narrower bezels and a thinner panel as well as a lighter weight than previous versions. Because the mini is predicted to be a major seller, Apple may simply be allowing the iPad 5 just a bit of time to shine before releasing the smaller iPad version. The mini is expected to have a Retina Display that could seriously rival the 9.7 inch iPad display.

As with many Apple releases, the holidays are looking like a prime time period for the new mini to hit the market. This means loads of Christmas lists with an iPad Mini 2 on them, which could very well be Apple’s big plan. The company normally waits until the latter part of the year, closer to the holiday season before offering new devices, likely because of the Christmas shopping season. With rumors of a new iPhone coming late in the year as well as the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2, it looks as if Apple may be a bit busy during the holidays. Most companies know that the holiday season is the most profitable time of year where devices are concerned and waiting until Q3 for the iPad 5 and then Q4 for the Mini 2 could significantly boost Apple’s overall sales during the holiday season.

Apple has already announced its early intentions for the iOS 7 which was highly anticipated. Waiting just a few months however for more information about the latest in their iPad lineups could seriously stress out iPad appreciators. While it may take a while to see these devices on shelves, many appreciate just hearing what Apple has in mind for the coming months. Samsung is set to release the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 later in the year as well which is set to rival the iPad and their new smartphone that doubles as a digital camera could put a serious kink in Apple’s end of the year profit margin.

Those anxiously awaiting further word from Apple may have a few more weeks to wait. As Apple lovers continue to stalk the internet for more news, it is unsure just when the company may decide to release these newest versions or what they may be planning for 2014.

Apple’s New iOS 7

Everyone expects Apple to bring out new and exciting products regularly. Their iOS 7 is expected to be a great new operating system. Apple revealed a bit about the new operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference recently and claims that it should be the best system that they have rolled out thus far. Along with a new look, iOS 7 will have a host of new features.

Speaking from just a feature perspective, iOS 7 looks to be quite different from previous versions. The Control Center is available as a pull up from the lock screen and allows users to adjust the volume as well as rotation lock, airplane mode and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other settings. It also contains tabs for the camera, music and other apps and a flashlight. It takes on whatever environment it is currently in. This means that when you swipe the control center from mail, it takes on the same coloring that you already have displayed. iOS 7 also allows users to multitask between apps without actually draining the battery completely. Just a quick double tap of the home button will allow you to enter the multitasking mode.

The search field in Safari has been revamped to give users access to favorite sites with just one tap and the tabs have an entirely new interface. There are no limits to how you can scroll and you can have multiple tabs if you want. You simply swipe the tab to get rid of it. Safari in iOS 7 has been integrated with iCloud keychain and has parental controls.

The camera app has also been improved. You can swipe between different camera modes and types like HDR or panorama which enables faster camera use. In the photos application, you can search through photos from date or location and there are photo filters so that you can make your pictures look a bit more professional. You can also share those photos via iCloud or AirDrop and other photo streams. iCloud also allows for sharing videos.

Of course, the new operating system is going to have Siri. You have the options of choosing between a male or a female voice and languages from German, French and others. There has been a major upgrade to the visual UI as well as settings so that you can instruct Siri to turn on your Bluetooth, lower the brightness of your screen and perform other functions. Wikipedia and Twitter support are enabled and search results will come directly from Bing.

While the new iOS 7 will not be available until fall, many iPhone users are already anticipating the major changes that have taken place. There are also changes to the design of the operating system and a few other key functions that are enabled. While some of the features may certainly change before its initial release later in 2013, it looks as if Apple has ironed out most of the kinks that users dealt with from past versions and are ready to take their devices to the next level.

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